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Ideas of human resource£ºIdeas of human resource are the integrated embodiment of the enterprise¡¯s view of the talent values, talent development and talent use. From the first day the talents enter our company, we will pay close attention to them and share the rich education resource, career planning and benefit system with them equally.

The word¡± sincere¡± is the core spirit of Dayu company as well as the strong point which we are proud of. Everyone works in such culture would treat everything around with a sincere heart. No matter to ourselves, others, products or clients, we will stick to the principle ¡±Honesty¡±. This is also the greatest achievement getting from the education given by our company as well as the main reason for us to win the trust from our clients.

We warmly welcome the senior staff to join us. If you have the technical ability, technical innovation will be the arena for your abilities. We have our own technical department, which gathers the intelligence of our researchers. If you are a management expert, we shall have a lot of management tissues for you to settle. All ranks of leaders will sincerely cooperate with you to renew management ideas, push management revolution, learn from each other for management skills and advance our management level together. Meanwhile, your personal career will extend and promote infinitely just like the shape of ¡±H¡±¡­¡­

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